Acne treatment for teens

Cameron had searched for an acne treatment for teens but it wasn’t until he tried C60 in olive oil from VITA60 that he found one that worked for him. Dr Steve Moore, the Chief Scientist at VITA60 interviewed him for his experiences and shares his before and after photos.

Cameron agreed to take part in a trial of C60 in olive oil. We wanted to see if it had any affect on his acne. Cameron is the son of VITA60’s Chief Scientist, Dr Steve Moore.

Like most teenagers, Cameron suffered from spots and was always searching for an acne treatment for teens. It started when he was 12 or 13 years old and progressively got worse. It didn’t help when people told him that he would grow out of it. That all teenagers go through it and lots of people get it much worse than you. His spots and breakouts made him feel insecure about his appearance. He was self-conscious when around people he didn’t know, particularly girls.

“I hated my complexion, it made me feel so self-conscious”

Cameron 2019

A teenager with acne

He says had tried lots of different creams and face scrubs. While some of them helped, his skin always felt and looked oily. He said I still had lots of blackheads and spots. Cameron says the worse thing was he would often catch them when shaving and end up with scabs on his face.

He said, girls at school, who had bad complexions, used to cover up with lots of makeup. Cameron says he used to think that it would make your skin worse if you put loads of makeup on. He says he has a friend who had terrible acne. The medication the friend took caused him serious skin irritation with odd patches peeling off and dryness of his eyes. Cameron says that while his own acne wasn’t as bad as that, it seemed the treatment was worse than having acne.

Cameron says he was due to start University and whilst looking forward to going he was dreading having to be in social situations. He says he felt people would be looking at my acne and judging me. He said he started to feel nervous about going.

Cameron’s changing complexion while taking C60 in olive oil

What happened when Cameron started taking C60 in olive oil?

Cameron started on 10ml of C60 in olive oil a day.

He says he didn’t notice any changes for a few weeks. However when he looks at the before and after photos he took, he realises that things were getting better.

He said, I still had the problem, for a while anyway, of catching myself when I shaved but even that stopped. Cameron tried C60 in hemp oil but preferred the original olive oil. He said the hemp seemed to have the same effect though.

Cameron said he had started going out with a new girlfriend about 6 weeks after starting C60 and it was great not to feel self-conscious about his appearance. He said he had much more self-confidence and didn’t think twice about going into situations where he would be meeting new people.

“I didn’t feel like people were looking at my acne when they were talking to me, I can’t tell you how good it felt”

Cameron 2019

If like Cameron you suffer from acne, why not try C60 in our range of oils and see if it can clear up your complexion.

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