An organic cold pressed avocado oil
from Fairtrade farmers in Kenya

Our C60 in avocado oil is produced from Fairtrade organic avocados grown on small bio-diverse farms in Kenya. Each 100ml bottle contains the oil of 8 avocados, and so is packed with natural goodness.

This organic extra virgin cold pressed avocado oil is unrefined, ensuring none of the distinct avocado flavour is lost during processing.

The only other vital ingredient of our superior quality oils is carbon 60, which is 99.99% pure, solvent free.

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Sustainable | Responsible | Ethical

Why take Carbon 60 in avocado oil?

Those taking it have reported many health benefits. The oil produced from the avocado fruit is rich in antioxidants, and vitamins and so has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Users report;
Increased energy
Support in weight management
Enhanced visual
Improved concentration
Better sleep quality
Enhanced joint health

Why use avocado oil as a carrier oil for C60 fullerene?

Avocados are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, oleic acid, and lutein, providing valuable antioxidant properties.

Studies have demonstrated that avocado oil;
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels and supports heart health
  • Due to its high lutein content, an antioxidant, supports eye health
  • Facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients, such as carotenoid antioxidants, potentially up to 17-fold
  • Supports joint health  
  • Contributes to promoting healthy skin
It may also support;
  • Healthy metabolic function by reducing levels of triglycerides, LDL, and VLDL
  • Healthy blood pressure 

Due to these reported health benefits, we sourced an extra virgin supply to ensure that our C60 in avocado oil is of exquisite quality. 

Avocado oil for our C60 in avocado oil

What does avocado oil with carbon 60 taste like?

Our carbon 60 in organic extra virgin avocado oil unsurprisingly tastes of good quality avocado oil and so has a mild earthy, buttery taste and creamy texture.

Why buy from us?

  • You will receive a premium product at a fair price.
  • We have chosen a top quality organic avocado oil that delivers great taste.
  • The Fairtrade policy supports the communities which grow the fruit.
  • We treat all our oils with respect, and therefore pay great attention to detail, avoiding excessive handling, heat, light and oxygen exposure that would oxidise the oil and detract from the finished product.
  • The oils is manufactured in sealed glass flasks and then transferred into 100ml amber glass bottles which are stored in dark cool conditions. We avoid plastic vessels to prevent the leaching of harmful chemicals.

Combining responsibly sourced organic avocado oil with a full 80mg/100ml of premium quality 99.99% pure C60 fullerene, therefore ensures you receive high quality, clean, carbon 60 in organic avocado oil. 

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