Organic Farmers and Growers
certified organic cold pressed oil

Our C60 in hemp seed oil comes from unrefined organic hemp seed oil, cold pressed to retain its outstanding nutritional qualities and health benefits.

Only the finest hemp seeds are selected for our choice oil, which has been certified as organic by Organic Farmers and Growers.

Our product only contains two ingredients:
organic hemp seed oil and 99.99% pure, solvent-free C60. You can be sure of good value and a premium C60 hemp seed oil when you buy from us.

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DISCOUNTS  apply when you buy 3 or more bottles and further discounts are available with our 4 and 8 pack deals.

FREE shipping on 5 or more bottles.*

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What is C60 in hemp seed oil?

Hemp oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-9, omega-6 and omega-3. These components have been studied for their potential impact on skin health and as antibacterial agents. Studies claim that hemp seed oil can support brain and heart health, as well as having a positive effect on healthy hormonal balance and ageing. 

Other benefits may include:
Supporting heart health
Promotes healthy blood pressure
Supports Healthy
Provides some relief from
mild aches and pains
Promotes overall well-being and cognitive functioning
Supports healthy blood sugar levels

Hemp seed oil is also the only edible oil that contains a significant amount of GLA (gamma-Linolenic acid), the active ingredient in evening primrose.

Research suggests GLA may have potential benefits for supporting healthy skin, joint and hormonal health. 

Why use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil for C60?

Hemp has been described as the most complete source of nutrition on Earth. It is effective in supporting skin health, immune function and promotes hormonal balance. Oil produced from hemp seeds contains omega-9,  omega-6, and omega-3 and so is an ideal carrier oil for C60. Hemp oil is rich in magnesium, iron & calcium. All of this with no cholesterol or dangerous trans-fatty acids. 

    As a result of all of these health benefits, it led us to choose an Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) certified oil to ensure our C60 in organic hemp seed oil is of supreme quality.

    Organic field of hemp seed for our C60 in hemp seed oil

    What does hemp seed oil with carbon 60 taste like?

    Our hemp seed oil is from the Finola seed variety. The oil has a delicious light nutty flavour and has a bright colour, which goes a deep magenta when C60 is dissolved in it.

    This Organic Farmers and Growers certified oil delivers a consistently high quality, fantastic tasting organic virgin hemp seed oil.

    Why buy from us?

    We are scrupulous about our processes in the manufacture of C60 oils, only selecting the best oils and treating them with respect. VITA60 has partnered with a dedicated organic hemp seed oil supplier and our chosen partner for carbon 60 produces the highest grade 99.99% pure, solvent free C60.

    • We treat all our oils with respect, and therefore pay great attention to detail, avoiding excessive handling, heat, light and oxygen exposure that would oxidise the oil and detract from the finished product.
    • The oils is manufactured in sealed glass flasks and then transferred into 100ml amber glass bottles which are stored in dark cool conditions. We avoid plastic vessels to prevent the leaching of harmful chemicals.

    At VITA60 we give good value and so offer DISCOUNTS and FREE SHIPPING with larger orders. In addition we have one of, if not the widest selection of C60 oils available. In our Pick ‘n’ Mix section you can create your own selection pack and combine C60 hemp seed oil with other oils and still enjoy the discounts and free shipping with larger orders.

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