A first press organic oil from northern Crete

The oil for our C60 in olive oil comes from organically grown Koroneiki olives from the Chania region of northern Crete. The area is globally recognised for the production of high quality olives and as a result was awarded EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

This organic extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing, within hours of harvesting. It is a cold pressed oil as neither heat nor chemicals are used. The whole process acts to preserve the flavour and high levels of natural antioxidants in the oil.

The only other vital ingredient in our superior quality oil is carbon 60 itself, which is 99.99% pure, solvent-free.

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Why take carbon 60 in olive oil for your health?

Put simply, taking C60 fullerene in olive oil may increase your lifespan. In 2012 a research publication described how rats given C60 in olive oil lived almost twice as long as the control group not given C60.

The work, carried out by a group at the University of Paris led by Dr. Tarek Baati, was funded by the European Union to see if C60 was toxic. The almost 4-year study showed that C60 was not toxic to the rats (Wistar rats) but instead protected them from exposure to the harmful effects of carbon tetrachloride.

In the research paper, Tarek Baati wrote “C60 should be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan.”

VITA60 C60 in olive oil is made from premium organic olive oil

Why use organic olive oil as a carrier oil for C60 fullerene?

The Baati group used a high-quality extra virgin olive oil produced in the same region of Crete as our own carbon C60 in olive oil.  

Olive oil was the chosen carrier oil in this research because it produces stable, high concentration solutions of C60.  Not only this but olive oil also has many of its own health benefits. 

Take our C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil and experience for yourself both the amazing life-extending properties of C60 and the health-promoting Mediterranean diet of olive oil. 

These and other reported health benefits are why we only use high quality certified organic extra virgin olive oil for our C60 in olive oil. We want you to enjoy the benefits of an exquisite quality product.

Studies have proven that extra virgin olive oil can:
  • help protect against the harmful effects of cholesterol
  • reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • improve metabolic syndrome
  • help prevent or repair liver damage
  • help in weight loss
It has also been shown to:
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce the risk of stroke
  • lower risk of heart disease
VITA60 C60 in olive oil comes from organic olive oil from Crete

What does carbon 60 in extra virgin olive oil taste like?

Customers often ask; what does C60 tastes like?  Well carbon 60 itself is completely tasteless, so you taste the quality of the organic extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal, a phenolic. Oleocanthal produces a bitter or peppery taste, and as a result may produce a tingling or burning sensation in the throat and mouth. In the olive oil trade, this quality is called ‘astringency‘ or ‘pungency‘.

Why buy from us?

Our organic extra virgin olive oil comes from Chania, which is an exclusive region of northern Crete. It has received Protected Geographical Identification (PGI) status, due to the quality of its olives. The olives are the Koroneiki variety and give the oil a complex aroma and flavour.

It has a peppery taste, a sign of a freshly pressed, low acidity oil, high in antioxidants.

Finally with the addition of premium-quality 99.99% pure, solvent-free C60, you are assured of a superior carbon 60 in organic olive oil.

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