VITA60 – The New Name for

VITA60 is proud to be recognised as the new name for

Using your feedback and our manufacturing expertise, we have worked hard over the last year to produce our new brand VITA60, an unrivalled range of premium products that tastes great and with a price tag you can’t ignore.

VITA60 has a range of 7 different organic oils sourced from suppliers who love what they do

What is different about VITA60 v

We’d like to clarify the similarities and differences between our old brand and product range:

  • VITA60 is still owned by the same company as
  • VITA60 is still manufactured in the UK
  • VITA60 is still focused on great customer service 
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  • VITA60 is mixed using a range of award winning certified organic oils
  • VITA60 has a unrivalled range of oils
  • VITA60 has a more informative and user friendly website
  • VITA60 has improved the packaging design to protect the bottles

We started by scouring the globe to find the best premium organic oils we could find to ensure that our 99.99% grade C60 is dissolved in the finest certified organic oils available.

We still produce our premium quality C60 in oil ranges in the UK, but we listened to your suggestions on how we could improve our flagship product ranges.

We spent over a year sourcing, vetting and tasting our new organic VITA60 oils to ensure you, the consumer, are getting a product that boasts the most beneficial antioxidants and goodness directly from mother nature.

The Website

Shop with VITA60 and earn money back on your next purchase

Prior to the launch of VITA60, we decided to upgrade our website to help provide a better user experience. This included several upgrades like; making the website faster, easier to use, provide more information and create a special loyalty rewards program. 

Every time you make a purchase, you’ll collect points that can be redeemed against further purchases and special offers – meaning great savings on premium products.

We’ve also ensured that your details are still securely stored and your current login credentials for will work on


And because we worked so hard to find the right farmers and producers to deal with, we are able to create a premium product with no price difference when compared to our non organic C60 brands.  You will now receive a higher grade organic product at the same great price.

Our change of brand from to VITA60, has seen our focus change from producing a great product, to creating the best, cleanest and purest possible product on the market today. Our aim is to ensure you are receiving the purest C60 in the most natural of oils.


VITA60 has fantastic new packaging that you'd be happy to give and receive as a gift

To complement our rebrand, our design team has created luxury recyclable cardboard packaging that is guaranteed to protect your precious and delicious C60 in oil. Our new premium packaging perfectly complements the launch of the new brand, making it the ideal solution for storing your product and also making it a great gift for someone looking to improve their health by using C60.

Thank you!

Dr Steve Moore Chief Scientist for VITA60

Thank you for your continued support of our family run business. We promise to continue to manufacture the highest grade of C60 in our new organic oils. We’re also here to answer any questions you may have about our new improved products and the VITA60 brand.

We hope you join the hundreds of happy customers who love the new organic oil flavours as much we do.

Kind Regards

Dr Steve Moore

p.s. Any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at contact us

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