Good Value 4 Pack C60 in Organic Black Seed Oil

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Value bargain pack of 99.99% pure C60 in black seed oil
4 x 100ml bottles of 80mg per bottle C60 in organic black seed oil

  • 4 bottles for £40.00 each saving 10%
  • 8 bottles for £36.00 each saving 20%

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Purchase this product you will earn 8 VITA60 Points worth £8.00!
Purchase this product you will earn 8 VITA60 Points worth £8.00!
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truly the best


truly the best

flowers and seeds of black seed 4 Pack C60 Organic Black Seed OilIn our good value 4 pack C60 organic black seed oil bottles, you will find an Egyptian oil from select organic farmers. There is a long history of growing black seed in the region dating back to at least the Pharaohs. We chose this Egyptian organic cold pressed oil for a number of reasons.

It is organic, the preferred choice of many as it is free of chemicals and ethical. The processes involved in making cold pressed oil do not involve heat or chemicals and so this retains all the health benefits of the oil. Black seed oil has a very strong taste. This oil has all the goodness of black seed oil but a relatively mild, smooth rounded flavour.

Taking black seed oil regularly can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and so promote heart health. It has also been associated with improving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and also helping to reduce the effects of asthma. Also, it’s use is often recommended in helping to improve many skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis along with improving the condition of hair.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved immune function
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Can relieve gastrointestinal problems
  • Aids wound healing
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Improved digestion

C60 is a molecule of 60 carbon atoms, a member of the fullerene group of carbon molecules. It is a ‘free radical scavenger‘ helping to neutralise toxic by-products of cell metabolism, which cause tissue damage in many types of disease.

We make all our C60 oils in the UK using only the finest ingredients. As a result, our good value 4 pack C60 organic black seed oil contains premium quality black seed oil from Egypt. As well as containing 99.99% pure solvent free C60 fullerene. We carry out all the processes in making our oils and so can ensure it is of the highest quality which our customers expect.

Those taking C60 in black seed oil say they have also noticed benefits that include:
  • More stamina
  • Healthy looking skin and complexion
  • Reduced redness and itching in eczema
  • Shiny, healthy hair



  • A solution of 80mg of C60 in 100ml of organic black seed oil.
  • Stirred in sealed vessels in cool, dark conditions to prevent oxidation.
  • Black seed organic certification – GB-ORG-02 Organic Farmers & Growers
  • Supplied in amber glass bottles to protect the oil from the light and to avoid bisphenol A and microplastics in our product.
  • SealSafe® and standard bottle adapters and syringes available as a separate purchase. The bottle adapters can remain in the bottle with the cap on.


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