Increase stamina – the experience of a yoga teacher

Marc Acquaviva shares his experiences of taking C60 in olive oil and how he developed increased stamina and reduce his recovery time.

Marc agreed to take part in a trial of C60 to assess any effects it had on him. He was not paid to take part in the trial or the subsequent interview but was provided with C60 in oil at no cost to him.

Marc runs a yoga school and a Facebook group which he promotes through his website Yoga with Marc. He has helped many people achieve a deeper physical and spiritual harmony through yoga. However, he was facing one of his biggest challenges when he started building a new yoga studio in his garden.

As a yoga teacher, Marc is in tune with his body. He knew building his yoga studio was going to be hard work and it would push him to his physical limits. However, he hadn’t counted on the boost C60 in olive oil was going to give him and how it would increase his stamina.

Increased stamina and better recovery

When Dr Steve Moore went to meet Marc at his home in the middle of his building project. He showed Steve the work he had completed, describing the hours and hours of physical work he’d put in. Marc said he wasn’t used to physical work but had dug out the whole of his garden to prepare the foundations for his studio. So the very fact he was able to complete this work day after day he found amazing. What surprised him even more, was his recovery. He had expected to wake up feeling tired and stiff. Instead, he felt great and ready for another long day. He said that this had never been his experience, even when he was much younger.

At the end of all Marc’s hard work he was able to move into his fantastic new yoga studio. He has a great space to practice yoga and present his live yoga sessions on Youtube.

Marc's yoga studio
Marc’s new yoga studio he was working so hard to build in his back garden

C60 in olive oil dosage

Marc started on a high dose of C60 in olive oil and took a loading up dose. Loading up is taking 20ml of C60 oil for 5 days. Decreasing the dose to 15ml and taking that amount of oil for 5 days. Then 10ml for 5 days and after that continuing on 5 – 7ml ongoing. This saturates your tissues with C60 and quickly reduces the levels of free radicals. You will see faster results from taking C60 using this dosing strategy.

Marc says after taking C60 for a few weeks he was practicing his yoga in front of the mirror and noticed he had less belly fat. While it is not something that bothers him his research suggested C60 might reduce organ fat and on self-examination, he feels he has less organ fat and certainly less belly fat.

Marc says he kept a video log before, during, and after taking C60. He says he had been doing hard physical work and multi-tasking in his yoga business. He says he has been able to juggle all this quite easily when normally he much prefers to focus on one thing at a time.

“C60 has changed something fundamental inside me…..’it’s cleared me out at a deep level”

Marc Aquaviva 2018

He says that he wants to continue taking C60 and recommends higher dose loading up to start with.

Marc took both C60 in olive oil and avocado oil. He says he prefers the olive oil as he liked the burning sensation the olive oil in the back of his throat. He says he has been taking the C60 oil mixed with blue-green algae. Marc says he finds they mix together well and he can add them to his kombucha.

If you’d like to experience some of the benefits reported by Marc then try C60 in the largest range of oils available anywhere.

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