Bottle Adapters and Syringe

Two bottle adapters with 10ml oral syringe to dispense C60.

  • These plastic bottle adapters fit a 28mm medicine bottle neck
  • The bottle cap can screw down normally without having to remove the insert
  • Avoids mess, spills, or waste
  • No need to remove the insert between doses

FREE SHIPPING when purchased with C60 in oil.


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truly the best


truly the best


truly the best

These standard medicine bottle adapters and syringe are a great addition when buying C60 oil but can be used to dispense just about any liquid.

  • The plastic bottle adapters fit a 28mm medicine bottle neck and simply push in.
  • They fit perfectly into the neck of our C60 oil bottles.
  • Graduated 10ml syringe – clear graduation marks for easier accurate measurement.
  • The syringe has marks at 0.5ml intervals.
  • After using these syringes ourselves we know the markings are don’t rub off easily as they do on many other syringes.
  • These standard medicine bottle adapters avoid mess, spills, or waste. No need to use a spoon that you might spill.
  • The inserts and syringes reusable, simply lever the insert out of the empty bottle and push it into the next.
  • The top of the adapter is flush with the bottle top unlike many other adapters on the market.
  • So best of all the bottle cap screws down normally with the insert still in place.
  • There is no need to remove the insert between doses.
  • You can wash between doses but insert intended to remain in the bottle until empty.
  • Suitable for children and adults.

They are designed to take an oral syringe made by Paragon in the USA and is specifically designed to fit these adapters.

Please check the bottle is of the correct size for the inserts before you buy.

Different bottle neck sizes

Measuring your medicine bottle – Our adapters fit 28mm sized bottles. This is one of the most popular sizes, especially for medicine bottles. Bottle sizes are determined by the outer thread diameter of their neck.  

Please see the dimensions of a 28mm medicine cap bottle. The internal diameter of the bottle neck is about 20mm and the external diameter is about 25mm.

Reduces the risk of a bottle spilling contents if knocked over. Invert the bottle (turn it upside down) with a syringe in place to draw off liquid contents of the bottle. This means you can empty the bottle out into the syringe.
We also sell the SealSafe bottle adapter.

For larger number of adapters and syringes visit or


Two 28mm plastic bottle neck inserts supplied with compatible 10ml syringe. Inserts designed to fit all the VITA60 C60 in oil bottles. Paragon oral use only syringe graduated in 0.5ml measurements. Inserts and syringe reusable.


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