Vanessa Raw, talks about C60

Ex-Pro GB Triathlete Vanessa Raw talks about C60 and her experiences of taking it with Dr Steve Moore, the Chief Scientist at Vita60. We hear about her physical and mental struggle with the conditions that forced her to quit the International scene.

Vanessa agreed to take part in a trial of C60 in olive oil to see if and how it might affect numerous conditions that have affected her for the last 12 years. She was not paid to take part in the trial or this interview, but she was provided with C60 in olive oil at no cost.

“Who knows how much better I’d have performed as an athlete taking C60?”

Vanessa Raw 2019

Struggling as an elite athlete with massive inflammation

Vanessa was always a sporty teenager. She competed in different sports at school. However, it wasn’t until she was at University that she tried the triathlon and from there she was hooked.

Her triathlon career started well but she began to pick up injuries and as a result, suffered from depression and insomnia. She says she assumed it was part of training to be an elite athlete. That she would get better, that she was just unlucky.

She continued to train hard and push herself as her dream was to compete at the 2012 London Olympics.

In 2010 her dreams came crashing down. She got the diagnosis of an underactive thyroid, which she said finally explained her irregular heartbeat.

“At one point my resting heart rate went down to 28, I felt so ill and like I was going mad…”

Vanessa Raw 2019

Functional medicine brought her to C60

She was not able to get herself better while competing at the highest international level. In an attempt to get to the bottom of her problems she tried out functional medicine. She told us that was how she discovered she had Hashimoto’s disease and adrenal insufficiency.

It was not until she took a test to measure the level of C-reactive protein in her blood and speaking to a doctor friend that she took the hard decision to retire from the international circuit at the age of 32. She said her levels were well over 3mg/l and it put her at a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Vanessa knew that her irregular heartbeat and high risk of cardiovascular disease would cause problems as she aged. It would probably shortening her life.

She said she needed to find something to reduce the inflammation in her body that was slowly killing her. After a lot of research she finally discovered C60.

Vanessa Raw, international triathlon athlete talks about the advantages of taking C60.

What happened to Vanessa’s inflammation after taking C60?

She began with the standard dose of C60 in olive oil, taking 5-7ml every day. After a couple of weeks, her functional medicine course required her to take a medical, including the C-reactive protein marker. When she got her results back, she couldn’t believe it, her level was close to zero.

“the doctor’s report said he couldn’t see any sign of inflammation, the C-reactive protein level was normal. I was blown away by the change and how quickly it had taken place.”

Since taking C60 Vanessa has tried all the C60 oils. She is currently using it in black seed oil which has medicinal benefits for the thyroid in itself. She has increased her energy levels and is now clear-headed again. She’s also waking up less in the night. 

She told us her skin had improved, that it was consistently clear now, it definitely feels smoother and is almost radiant with a more youthful feel to it.

“I was worried about the crazy levels of inflammation that I was tackling, I knew all that inflammation was really bad for me, it was killing me. Taking C60 has given me back control of my body and my future and I’m so happy I started taking it.”

Vanessa Raw 2019

If you are like Vanessa and suffer from inflammation then try C60 for yourself and take back control. You too can start to feel the benefits that C60 has to offer

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