Cold pressed organic black seed oil from Egypt

The oil for our C60 in black seed oil comes from the Nigella sativa plant grown on select organic farms in Egypt.

For millennia the seed and oil have been prized as a herbal medicine and a spice in cooking. We source only the highest quality, cold pressed organic oil.  We offer both filtered and unfiltered black seed oil. Unfiltered oil has fragments of black seed present and has a black colour as well as more nutrients and higher thymoquinone levels.  

We combine this premium organic oil with 99.99% pure, solvent free carbon 60 and so can present the sort of high class C60 black seed oil you would expect and deserve.

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Why use C60 in black seed oil?

Carbon 60 or C60 is a sixty carbon atom molecule forming a special ball-like structure. It is a member of the group of carbon molecules called fullerenes. It has fantastic properties and is a free radical scavenger and antioxidant. In fact C60 is the most powerful antioxidant known.  Diets rich in antioxidants are one of the keys to a long and healthy life. 

We choose cold pressed oil, because neither heat nor chemicals are used in producing it. Organically growing the seed and careful extraction acts to preserve the flavour and high levels of natural antioxidants in the oil. The centuries long health benefits of black seed oil, in addition to C60 make for a successful combination.

We also offer C60 oil made using filtered and unfiltered black seed oils. When black seed is milled fragments of seed is left in the oil. Usually this is filtered out but if it is left in this adds to the nutrient content of the oil, especially the important thymoquinone. The oil is very dark due to the black seed fragments and needs to be shaken before use. It also has a slightly different taste.

Those taking C60 in black seed oil have said they have noticed benefits which include:
More stamina
Shiny, healthy looking hair
Healthy skin and complexion
reduced redness and itching in eczema

Why use black seed oil as a carrier oil for C60?

For centuries black seed oil has been used for its medicinal and health properties. Regular ingestion of black seed oil assists in reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby promoting heart health. There are claims it improves the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and helps to decrease the effects of asthma. Black seed oil also benefits skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis along with improved hair condition.

Other benefits include:
  • improves immune function
  • reduces inflammation
  • can relieve gastrointestinal problems
  • aids wound healing
  • hydrates skin
  • improved digestion

What does black seed oil with carbon 60 taste like?

Black seed oil has a strong bitter, almost antiseptic, medicinal flavour. It can be something of an acquired taste.  If you still find the taste too strong then add it in your favourite smoothie, it will have the same beneficial effect. 

field of black seed flowers for organic black seed oil C60

Why buy from us?

We make all our products in the UK. As a result we maintain control over the manufacturing process. We choose only the finest ingredients and pay attention to detail. We treat the oil with the respect it deserves. That means gently stirring the C60 oil in sealed vessels in dark cool conditions. As a result, the risk of oxidation is reduced and you end up with a premium product.

We specially chose an Egyptian black seed oil from a region acclaimed as one of the best in the world. There is a long tradition of its use for medicinal reasons dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. We recognise that the taste of black seed oil is very distinctive, which some people find overpowering. Notwithstanding that, black seed oil is very healthy. We wanted to broaden its appeal and therefore chose an oil with a rounded smooth flavour that is milder on the palate. We know many of our customers appreciate organic oil. As a result, we use an oil that contains no preservatives. One that is only coarsely filtered and unrefined and therefore retains all of its natural health giving properties.

As well as the high quality organic black seed oil, we use 99.99% pure, solvent free C60 to make a top class organic black seed oil.

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