C60 Pick 'n' Mix Oils


Sustainable | Responsible | Ethical

Multi purchase discounts
however you mix it!

Prices start from £28.75 a bottle

Simply select any number and combination of C60 organic oils.

  • Buy 3 bottles and save 5%*
  • Buy 4 bottles and save 10%*
  • Buy 8 bottles and save 20%*

The discount is applied to your purchase in the shopping cart.

FREE SHIPPING with orders over £170.00.

*Larger bottle numbers needed for discount with combinations including coconut oil.

Choose your combination of organic oils

Why buy your C60 oils from Pick 'n' Mix?

Have you wondered what our different C60 oils taste like?
Wondered which one might suit you the best?
You might have wanted to try different types of oil but didn’t want to risk buying more than one bottle of each type of oil in case you didn’t like it.

Buying VITA60 C60 oils in our Pick ‘n’ Mix C60 oil section gives you the opportunity to create your own variety pack of any combination of high quality C60 organic oils.

You will still get the same volume price discount and free shipping as you would with bulk single oil purchases.
So here’s your chance to try them out AND remember you get the same  free shipping and level of volume price discounts.
Just search through our C60 oils and choose any number and combination of bottles of oil.
Discounts apply when you purchase 3 or more bottles of the equivalent price of olive oil in the pick and mix section.

We do not believe anyone else sells such a wide range of organic oils. Not only that we are not aware of any other C60 oil manufacturer who offers the opportunity to create variety packs of oil and discount the whole variety pack order. This is a unique opportunity.

FREE SHIPPING with orders over £170.00

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