VITA60 C60 Olive Oil Capsules – 90 Vegan Friendly Capsules

Our finest C60 MCT Coconut oil in 90 vegan friendly capsules.

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VITA60 was one of the first companies producing C60 oil and now we are putting our premium c60 supplement into capsules. We chose a vegan friendly capsule so that everyone could enjoy them and our capsule also guarantees freshness and quality. They are super convenient, so take them wherever you go.

Our C60 olive oil is organic extra virgin and comes from Chania, which is an exclusive region of northern Crete. It has received Protected Geographical Identification (PGI) status, due to the quality of its olives.

The olives are the Koroneiki variety and give the oil a complex aroma and flavour. This organic extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing, within hours of harvesting. It is a cold pressed oil as neither heat nor chemicals are used. The whole process acts to preserve the flavour and high levels of natural antioxidants in the oil.

Take our C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil capsules and experience for yourself both the amazing life-extending properties of C60 and the health-promoting Mediterranean diet of olive oil. These and other reported health benefits are why we only use high quality certified organic extra virgin olive oil for our C60 in olive oil.

We want you to enjoy the benefits of an exquisite quality product. Users of our C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil tell us it has helped:

  • Given them clearer thinking and concentration
  • Improve sleep
  • Give them a more radiant complexion
  • Help in recovery from exercise

High quality extra virgin olive oil has also been shown to:

  • help control high blood pressure
  • help reduce the risk of stroke and
  • help maintain a healthy heart

Add them to your daily routine to support a brighter, healthier future.


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